Why Choose Cyberknife



Traditional Radio Therapy



  • CyberKnife is the most contemporary Robotic (Robot-assisted) Radiosurgery system of delivering precision ablative radiotherapy for performing accurate and painless cancer treatments without inflicting surgery cuts on the body.
  • Traditional Radiotherapy as its name suggests is a form of Radiation Therapy being used since ages that is used to shrink and kill tumours. The therapy involves the use of X-rays, Gamma rays and charged particles for cancer treatment. There are various techniques of delivering radiation therapy, major ones being 3D Conformal Radiation, IMRT, IGRT, VMAT and SBRT depending on the complexity of planning techniques. Apart from that Brachytherapy, a form of internal radiation therapy is also used eg HDR Brachytherapy or Mammo Site Breast Brachytherapy. The therapy may also be used in combination with another therapy like Chemotherapy or surgery or as a standalone treatment depending on the patient condition.


  • Equipped with a miniature LINAC mounted on a very precise Robotic arm, levels of accuracy of Cyberknife is beyond comparison and added with the benfits of real time image guidance and tumours motion tracking, CyberKnife can aim targets with pinpoint accuracy.
  • Traditional Radiotherapy (whether external or internal Radiotherapy) like all Radiation techniques, works on the principal of targeting the tumours and sparing critical structures. However, level of accuracy may vary depending on the technique used, which however due to inherent inability of real time imaging and freedom of motion of the Linac, is less accurate as compared to CyberKnife.