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Medical Research on CyberKnife

The Medical Staff of the Artemis CyberKnife Center comprises a group of Doctors, Medical Physicists, and scientists dedicated to cancer care, research, and patient attention. The CyberKnife Center Medical Staff is actively involved in a variety of research projects on the indications and efficiency of CyberKnife treatments. The CyberKnife Center’s Medical Staff includes an Internal Review Board and a directive to participate in advanced Clinical Trials.

Our Medical Staff is currently involved with Clinical Trials for certain aspects of CyberKnife procedures for special ailments, including the treatment of prostate cancer. If you are interested in participating in the Clinical Trial, please call 1-800-208-5050, or email us at info@cyberknifedelhi.com

Clinical Trials

A more complete review of the current and ongoing medical research involving the CyberKnife can be found at the following link:


U.S. Government Clinical Trials: http://clinicaltrials.gov/ct2/results?term=cyberknife

Library of Clinical Case Studies

Intracranial   Spine   Prostate

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