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Kidney Cancer

At the Artemis CyberKnife Center we make it possible to treat patients and tumors inappropriate for invasive surgery, or more effectively treated with the advanced technology of the CyberKnife. The capabilities of the CyberKnife to track the tumor's true location during treatment and continually adjusts for movements of the body, is a unique technology that permits Radiosurgery on tumors anywhere in the body. The CyberKnife Synchrony System provides unprecedented accuracy that also extends to the treatment of tumors which move with the body as an individual breathes in respiration, due to the CyberKnife technology that "learns" and matches patients' respiratory patterns, and accounts for them, allowing the precise dose to always be targeted at the tumor, making CyberKnife highly effective for kidney and renal-cell cancer and tumors.

CyberKnife differs from radiation therapy, which irradiates both normal and cancerous tissues. CyberKnife delivers an ablative dose to the tumor with submillimeter accuracy and minimal exposure of normal tissue. As a result, we can treat inoperable patients, shrink tumors for less radical resections, destroy radioresistant tumors and treat patients previously treated with radiation. In addition, patients experience short, painless treatments with far fewer side effects, limited (if any) downtime and an immediate return to activities.

With CyberKnife, the range of tumors treatable with stereotactic Radiosurgical ablation is unprecedented.

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