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Advantages of CyberKnife

IRIS™ Variable Aperture Collimator
Rapidly manipulates beam geometry to deliver up to 12 beam sizes from each linac position with characteristics virtually identical to that of fixed circular collimators.
Xsight® Spine Tracking System
Eliminates the need for surgical implantation of fiducials by using the bony anatomy of the spine to automatically locate and track tumors, making radiosurgery more precise and less invasive.
Synchrony® Respiratory Tracking System
Continuously synchronizes beam delivery to the motion of the tumor, allowing clinicians to significantly reduce margins while eliminating the need for gating or breath-holding techniques.
Xsight® Lung Tracking System
Directly tracks the movement of lung tumors without fiducials while maintaining precision, reliability and self-adjusting repeatability.
Monte Carlo Dose Calculation
Often considered the gold standard when treating lung tumors, the CyberKnife System`s Monte Carlo Dose Calculation produces results in minutes compared to what commonly requires hours or days with other systems.

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